Weekly Disability Reading List

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Domino’s Pizza dealt SCOTUS blow that could affect ADA
Steven Melendez, Fast Company - October 7, 2019

The Supreme Court’s decision didn’t decide the future of online accessibility for all time, but it certainly indicates a trend towards treating online commerce the same as “real world” retail and service spaces. Both should be accessible as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What Ableism Cannot Have
Kathleen Downes, The Squeaky Wheelchair - October 4, 2019

A very personal, moving, and ultimately optimistic take on what ableism is and what it does to people with disabilities.

What we talk about when we talk about disability pride
Robin Eames, Honi Soit - September 19, 2019

This piece goes very well with the one just above. It helps explain what “disability pride” is and what it does for people with disabilities.