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An important part of NCCI's mission is helping make homes, businesses, and other facilities and built environments more accessible to people with disabilities. We can help you design modifications that are safe and feasible, and make sure that the projects are done properly from start to finish. For accessibility modification help, contact John Farley, Accessibility Consultant, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 518-563-9058, Ext. 108.


Community Accessibility Ratings

People with disabilities face literal, physical barriers to independence every day. Restaurants, stores, offices, and other public facilities that aren't properly accessible are failing to provide equal service, and it has a real impact on disabled peoples' ability to live independently and productively in their communities. On the other hand, places that are accessible help sustain independent living, and the more of them there are, the more accessible and welcoming our community is to people with disabilities and their families, including visitors.

We invite you to join our effort to rate the accessibility of businesses throughout the North Country, starting with restaurants. With your help, we can document businesses that are and aren't accessible, and make that information freely available for anyone who wants to know. As more places in our area get rated, the more information we will have for residents and visitors with disabilities.

Plattsburgh Area Restaurants 

20 Below Deli
37 Bridge Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

3 Star Parking
3 Star Entrance
2 Star Restrooms
3 Star Interior
3 Star Signage

The deli is not fully wheelchair accessible. But with some minor help a wheelchair can access the deli. The restroom for staff only unless it is an emergency. The staff will assist anyone wanting to enter the deli and needs help with the front door to have lunch or order takeout. Two is tables are set up for customers.

Blue Collar Bistro
82 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

1 Star Parking
3 Star Entrance
2 Star Restrooms
3 Star Interior
0 Star Signage

Street parking only. Tables and aisles very narrow, some under 36 inches wide. Small unisex restroom a tight fit for wheelchairs, has grab bars. Items stored in aisle leading to restroom.

Burger King
305 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

3 Star Parking
4 Star Entrance
5 Star Restrooms
5 Star Interior
 4 Star Signage

A nice and new remodel. Very wheelchair accessible! There are power assist doors. However, the doors do not have a power assist button. Overall, the lobby was spacious and wheelchair accessible, along with several wheelchair accessible tables, waiting line, and counter. The bathrooms also appear to be ADA accessible.

Delish By Irises
24 City Hall Place, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

2 Star Parking
2 Star Entrance
2 Star Restrooms
 1 StarInterior
1 Star Signage

Although the food is great and the customer service is fantastic, getting into the establishment is quie difficult. There is plenty of parking with the city lot being close by, but the sidewalk is blocked during the summer by Iris’ Cafe and Wine Bar, located right next door. It is difficult to navigate the sidewalk with the restaurant utilizing the whole sidewalk. If you can get past it, getting into the establishment is quite difficult as well. There is a raised ledge, and getting a chair over it is going to be hard. A power chair would not be able to get over the ledge, and a push chair might be able to get over it, but the chances are slim. Once inside, the space is very narrow and there is not a lot of room for turn space. The same goes for the bathroom. There are bars and nothing blocking under the sink, but using the bathroom would still be a challenge. The staff was wonderful, and I’m sure they would be willing to assist in any way they could, but in terms of a disabled person being able to enter and exit the establishment independently, it is highly unlikely.

Irises Cafe and Wine Bar
20-22 City Hall Place, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

1 Star Parking
1 Star Entrance
1 Star Restrooms
1 Star Interior
1 Star Signage

Irises has three possible doors to enter and, in spite of years of asking, all remain inaccessible to power wheelchair users and many manual wheelchair users. A portable ramp could get you in over the step in any of the 3 doors. There is no accessible parking near the restaurant which is worsened in the summer when 4 existing parking places get turned into outdoor dining areas complete with concrete barriers. Even outdoors, Irises blocks wheelchair users from eating at an outdoor table because the concrete barriers completely surround the dining area with no access space or ramp for a wheelchair.

Jade Garden
33 McKinley Ave., Plattsburgh, NY 12901

1 Star Parking
3 Star Entrance
0 Star Restrooms
2 Star Interior
0 Star Signage

One parking space not marked accessible. Two tables with chairs suitable for wheelchair. No restroom for public use. No convenient place for wheelchair to wait for take out order, except for in the middle of the room or outside.

Latitude 44 Bistro
5131 U.S. Ave., Plattsburgh, NY 12901

5 Star Parking
5 Star Entrance
5 Star Restrooms
5 Star Interior
5 Star Signage

Good accessible parking. No barriers to entry. Spacious interior. Accessible restroom with clear signage.

Our House Bistro
15 Bridge Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

4 Star StarParking
4 Star StarEntrance
4 Star StarRestrooms
4 Star StarInterior
3 Star StarSignage

Both entrance doors are 36 inches wide. The second door entrance opens into a large dining area and also the restroom location. Access to the large dining area from the first entrance has a smaller dining room area with a bar and you can enter the larger room via the steps up. So anyone with a should use the second door to enter the building. The rest room is unisex and is oversize and maneuverable for a wheelchair. The commode area is missing two of the three grab-bars and the door lock is twist button and not push button. The manager will look into repairs and replacements.

Pizza Hut
5069 US Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

4 Star Parking
2 Star Entrance
1 Star Restrooms
2 Star Interior
0 Star Signage

Pizza was good and service was fast. Accessibility was poor at best. If you need a walker or wheelchair call ahead and have the manager meet you at the ramp for safety. The ramp in concrete and 12 to 14 inches high and no safety hand rail on the open side. The first entrance door opens left to right out and the handle is on the parking lot open side. Once inside the vestibule the inner door opens right to left directly into you. The inner door has to be open for you before you enter the vestibule if you want to enter the main lobby to the dinning room.The lobby area is also the resister section to pay your bill. The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible and very small. Some-one needing a walker would also have a problem using the facility.

359 Route 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

5 Star StarParking
4 Star Entrance
4 Star Restrooms
4 Star Interior
5 Star Signage

Quite accessible, though not perfect. The restroom is accessible, though the door is a little bit heavy. Access internally throughout is good, though it can be a bit cramped at times simply because it’s a small store. However, in comparison to the community overall, the Plattsburgh Starbucks is one of the most accessible places for mobility impaired people to hang out in a pleasant, relaxing environment.


Accessibility Resources


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