Independent Living Services


Illustration of a woman in a wheelchair taking to a seated manThe Independent Living approach to serving people with disabilities builds on four core services: Advocacy, Peer Counseling, Information and Referral, and Independent Living Skills.


Helping individuals resolve problems and disputes with others, learn about the rights of people with disabilities, and develop effective problem-solving and communication habits.

Peer Counseling

Staff members or volunteers with disabilities share their experiences of living with a disability, and support others with disabilities as they explore their world and strive to reach their life goals.

Information and Referral

Informing people about available services and supports in the community that can help them achieve and maintain independence.

Independent Living Skills

Learning everyday living skills, including budgeting, transportation, maintaining a household, finding and keeping a job, pursuing further education or training, managing personal care or support services, maintaining good health, etc, through one-on-one coaching or group workshops.

We also provide a variety of other services and programs, linked in the green buttons above.