"Winz N' Pinz" Gift Baskets

*When:* September 28, 2019 - 11 AM to 3 PM.*Where:* North Bowl Lanes, Plattsburgh, New York.*Cost:*$25 for individuals age 18 and older, $15 for individuals under 18, and $100 for teams.

The Second Annual “Winz N’ Pinz” bowling fundraiser on Saturday, September 28, 2019 is mainly about bowling, but you can also buy chances to win one of ten gift baskets. Take a look:


Basket 1: “Treat Yourself.” It has everything you need for a nice, relaxing bath time.


Basket 2: “Cat Nap.” If you are a cat lover, you will love this basket!


Basket 3: “Teddie Teatime.” It has tea and cookies! Perfect for a nice sunny day by the lake.


Basket 4: This basket is “Garden Fun Time.”


Basket 5: This Basket is “Coffee and Chocolate.”


Basket 6: This basket is “Get Outside.”


Basket 7: This basket is “Good Hair Day.”


Basket 8: This basket is “Halloween Treats.”


Bonus Basket: Bass Guitar and Mystery Basket. Red, woodgrain design, J. Reynolds Bass Guitar! It has brand new strings, picks, and a set of headphones too!! Also, the *Mystery Box* … Full of top-notch, secret items.


Chocolate Decadence Basket: 9-oz. assorted chocolates, 1.2-oz. Belgian truffles, 1.8-oz. chocolate fudge, 1.4-oz. almond Roca, chocolate fudge popcorn, Lindt chocolate bar, Monbana truffles, 1.8-oz. chocolate covered nuts, 6-oz. chocolate cream wafer cookies, Bellagio chocolate cappuccino, Malta Bella chocolate toffee and Lindt truffle ball, all in a stained basket.

#11 Pumpkin lovers & #12 Chocolate Lovers.JPG

Last Minute Gift Baskets!

Baskets 11 & 12 - It’s almost time for Winz N’ Pinz!! Teddie found two more baskets while he is waiting patiently at NCCI for the big day!! These baskets are called “Pumpkin Lovers” and “Chocolate Lovers!”

#13 Pioneer Woman.JPG

Basket 13 - Mr. Giraffe is also waiting patiently for the big day and he’s come across a beautiful basket at NCCI called “Pioneer Woman!”