Weekly Disability Reading List

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Links to three disability-related articles shared last week on NCCI social media. Don’t forget, you can always visit NCCI on Facebook and Twitter at the following links:

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2020 Presidential Questionnaire on Disability Policies
American Association of People with Disabilities & National Council on Independent Living - August 3, 2019

NCIL and AAPD collaborated on this detailed and comprehensive disability issue questionnaire that has been sent to all the candidates currently running for President. They will post candidate replies as the come in. The questionnaire is a good read for an overview of what the disability rights community is thinking about a wide range of issues,

Beyond Inspiration: A New Narrative
Emily Ladau, New Mobility - August 1, 2019

Emily has written an honest and empathetic essay exploring why the concept of being “inspirational” is so contested and problematic for people with disabilities.

How Unconscious Bias Led a Movie Theater to Kick out 100+ Disabled Children
Susanne Lucas, Inc. - July 30, 2019

Considering this article appears in a business-oriented magazine, it is a remarkably insightful look at how ableism plays out in a real-life customer service situation.