Weekly Disability Reading List

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Links to disability-related articles shared last week on NCCI social media. Don’t forget, you can always visit NCCI on Facebook and Twitter at the following links:

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What Different-Looking People Would Like You to Know Before You Stare
David Pogue, The New York Times - August 13, 2019

There’s nothing too surprising here, but it’s good to see it all so well documented and explained.

A girl in a wheelchair spots a model in a wheelchair: The story behind the viral photo
Ellen Seidman, Love That Max - August 19, 2019

Viral photos and videos featuring people with disabilities often have questionable histories and debatable effects. This one really seems to be as amazing as it seems.

Guest Bloggers for the NCCI Website

For a little over a year we have been posting up to two articles per month, written by people with disabilities, on our website. Here is a link where you can read all of the guest pieces so far.

If you know someone with a disability locally who might be interested in writing for our website, please send them this link: https://www.ncci-online.com/ncciblog/2019/7/22/share-your-stories