Weekly Disability Reading List

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Links to three disability-related articles shared last week on NCCI social media. You can always visit NCCI on Facebook and Twitter at the following links:

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My mom, walker and all
McKenzie Delisle, Press-Republican - May 12, 2019

A local woman has written a book for her son about her own disability.

Body behaving badly
Robin Caudell, Press-Republican - May 14, 2019

Another disability-related Press-Republican article, this one on an often misunderstood condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

What You Need to Know About Consent and Disability
Spencer Williams, Vice - May 13, 2019

An absolutely crucial concern for people with disabilities, especially those who rely on personal care assistance.

6 Wheelchair Accessible Trip Ideas in New York State
Anna Pakman, Iloveny.com - July 13, 2018

Wonder what it would take to get some recognition for the North Country? It might be a good time to remind local planners that consistent accessibility can be a valuable asset for tourism.