Weekly Disability Reading List

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Links to three disability-related articles shared last week on NCCI social media. You can always visit NCCI on Facebook and Twitter at the following links:

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Teaching “Yes Means Yes” Can Make Sex Education More Inclusive for the Disability Community
Sam Kischkel, Rooted In Rights - April 17, 2019

A fresh, personal perspective on sexuality and disability.

Why It Took Me Years To Become A Proud Disabled Woman
Wendy Lu, Huffington Post - April 12, 2019

A good overview of internalized ableism … how we act out shame and embarrassment of our own disabilities … and how we can overcome it.

Demystifying Disability
Kelly Dawson and Emily Ladau, Call Tour Girlfriend Podcast - April 18, 2019

A fun conversation between two disabled women, comparing notes on living with disabilities and how society deals with disabled people.