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How A Devastating Hate Crime Provoked Sinéad Burke’s Powerful New Campaign
Sinéad Burke, Vogue - April 11, 2019

An incredible story of outrageous behavior, and a little person’s effort to change youth thinking about people with disabilities.

Busting the myth that autistic people lack empathy: the community speaks out
Ellen Seidman, Love That Max - April 10, 2019

It’s Autism Awareness Month, but there’s quite a bit of debate of what, exactly, people should be aware of in regard to autistic people. Quite often, this “awareness” amounts to inflating fear of an “epidemic,” or how “broken” autistic people are. But autism is an easily misunderstood set of diverse conditions. And while it poses numerous challenges, some quite profound, listening to what autistic people say and really thinking about what they do is an important first step towards understanding and acceptance.

One of us was a pain patient saved by opioids, the other was addicted to them. We both deserve a solution
Ryan Hampton and Kate M. Nicholson, Los Angeles Times - April 3, 2019

This is a really tremendous and balanced look at the intersection of battling the opioid crisis and the harm to people with genuinely chronic pain that is already happening as a side-effect of the opioid crackdown. Absolutely essential reading.