Weekly Disability Reading List

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Links to three disability-related articles shared last week on NCCI social media. You can always visit NCCI on Facebook and Twitter at the following links:

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Mike Oliver, pioneer of ‘revolutionary’ social model of disability, dies - reports
Aine Kelly-Costello, NewsHub - March 3, 2019

This profile also provides a good explanation of what the “Social Model” of disability is and why it’s so important to people with disabilities, the disability rights movement, and Independent Living Centers like NCCI.

My Knowledge of My Body is Often Ignored When I Seek Medical Care
Rachel Lichman, Rooted In Rights - February 28, 2019

It’s not exactly news that disabled people tend to have a harder time dealing with the medical profession. This personal essay explores some of the ways that actually plays out.

Disabled Docs – Healing the Medical Model?
Tim Gilmer, New Mobility - March 1, 2019

Part of a series on medical professionals with disabilities … not only expanding opportunities for disabled people in the field, but hopefully also helping making the profession more responsive to disabled patients.