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The College Admissions Scandal Could Have Lasting Impacts for Disabled People
Brittney McNamara, Teen Vogue - March 13, 2019

Anger over this “college testing scandal” could make life even harder for people with disabilities who need testing accommodations.

Flying Tips for Wheelchair Users, By Wheelchair Users
Barbara Twardowski and Jim Twardowski, New York Times - March 8, 2019

A good list of air travel tips for travelers who use wheelchairs. In the meantime, airlines are now required to keep records of wheelchair damages and other problems, so soon we may finally see the full scale of the problem.

On Disability and on Facebook? Uncle Sam Wants to Watch What You Post
Robert Pear, New York Times - March 10, 2019

Nobody wants people to cheat on Disability, but trying to figure that out by looking at someone’s Facebook page seems intrusive and potentially grossly misleading.