Help ensure Independent Living Centers receive a crucial funding increase of only $5 million in this year’s budget!

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We all know how crucial Independent Living Centers are in communities across the State. They provide a wide array of supports and services that help people be independent and integrated in their communities. ILCs rely on the State for funding to provide these vital services, but the State has failed to adequately fund centers for well over a decade, leaving centers struggling to continue providing core IL services.

Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo’s proposed Executive Budget once again failed to give centers the additional funding they need to meet the needs of their communities. But it isn’t too late to get an increase in this year’s budget!

The next step is the legislature. The Senate and Assembly will release their one house budget responses in a few weeks. There was a budget sign on letters in support of an increase in funding for Independent Living Centers in the Assembly with strong support.  Now we need to make sure the members of the Senate and Assembly’s Education Committees hear from their colleagues about the importance of ensuring their one house budgets include a funding increase of $5 million for ILCs!

ACTION: Send a message to your Senator and Assembly member urging them to speak to the members of the lower Education Committees in support of an increase of only $5 million for Independent Living Centers being included in their one house budget response!

Take Action!