Make A Year-End Donation to the NCCI Homecoming Fund

Photo of four letter blocks lined up to read: "GIVE"

As 2017 draws to a close, it's a good time to make charitable donations. We hope you will consider contributing to the NCCI Homecoming Fund. This online GoFundMe campaign is an opportunity to make a valuable local, small-scale donation that helps disabled people get out of nursing homes and hospitals, and make a smooth transition into their own homes.

Click here to give to the NCCI Homecoming Fund at

The NCCI Homecoming Fund helps pay for:

• Kitchen supplies
• Bed and bathroom supplies
• Furniture
• Adaptive equipment
• Startup groceries

It also helps us pay for storage space for these purchased supplies and donated items that we can then give to people with disabilities making what can be a difficult, but exciting move back to independence in our community.

Help us out! It doesn't take a large donation to make a big difference. And whether you give or not, please share this with friends and family who might be interested.