Disability Questions for North Country Election Candidates

Disability issues have been discussed a little more than usual in this year's elections, mostly focused on the Presidential candidates. However, a lot of important disability policy is made in Congress, and by state and local elected officials.

Here are some questions we would like North Country candidates to answer on issues that matter to people with disabilities and their families:

Mayor and City Council

What specific actions should the City government take, beyond bare-bones compliance with accessibility laws, to make the downtown area of Plattsburgh accessible for residents and visitors with disabilities?

County Legislatures

What specific policies and strategies should County governments use to make transportation more accessible, reliable, and affordable for people with disabilities?

Judges, District Attorneys, County Sheriffs

What would you do to prevent harm to people with disabilities from mishandled encounters with law enforcement … including people with cognitive impairments, autism, or mental illness?

State Legislatures

Would you support increasing State Medicaid funding for home care, in order to meet new overtime pay requirements without cutting services that maintain disabled peoples’ basic independence?


Do you support or oppose "ADA notification bills," which seek to prohibit people with disabilities from suing businesses for Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility violations, unless they first give written notice and allow a waiting period, such as 90 days?

We look forward to honest, thoughtful answers to these questions from all the local North Country candidates. Candidates may send replies to Robert Poulin, Executive Director, at: robert@ncci-online.com. Answers will be shared unedited here on the NCCI Blog, and on NCCI’s Facebook and Twitter pages.