NCCI is on Twitter

By now, most people have probably heard of Twitter, though what they’ve heard is often not so pleasant. Is it the tool of choice for sophisticated bullying? Is it a toy for self-important nobodies who think people care about what they ordered in a restaurant? What can anyone possibly say in 140 characters anyway?

Twitter is an acquired taste, but at its best, is an incredible tool of online communication and community-building. It is worth the time to explore, especially if you have a particular interest, like disability life, culture, and issues. Starting today, NCCI will post a recap of everything we shared on Twitter the week before. This will include bits of information, links to interesting disability-related articles, and “Retweets,” that is, copies of things other people on Twitter have said that we think are worth reading.

If you are interested in exploring Twitter yourself, and would like a little guidance, stay tuned for possible trainings here in the North Country. In the meantime, take a few moments to complete our free, completely anonymous Social Media Survey. The results will help give us a better idea of what kinds of social media the North Country disability community uses and would like to use.

Here are last week’s NCCI tweets: