About NCCI


Photo of the front of NCCI's office in PlattsburghMission Statement

The Mission of the North Country Center for Independence is to empower people with disabilities to live more independent and productive lives, and to promote beneficial policies and community understanding of disability issues. NCCI serves people with disabilities, families, and the community on issues and needs related to physical or mental disabilities of any kind. NCCI is governed and staffed mainly by people with disabilities. It is one of 41 Independent Living Centers in New York State, and hundreds of other similar centers throughout the United States. NCCI serves Clinton and Essex Counties, New York.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living Centers are independent not-for-profit agencies governed and staffed mainly by people with disabilities. They provide core services of information & referral, independent living skills training, advocacy, and peer counseling, plus other services and programs chosen and developed by each center in response to local needs. Centers for Independent Living are not residential facilities, nor do most of them offer self-contained "day programs". Instead, Centers help each person develop his or her own goals and help them marshal the services needed to meet those goals. Services are available to anyone in a Center’s community who has an interest in any disability-related issue or need.

Independent Living is:

  • An approach to disability services that relies on the strength of peer-to-peer connections... people with disabilities providing help and support to one another.
  • A movement to unite people with all kinds of disabilities, of all ages and backgrounds, in support of policies that promote equal opportunity, accessibility, and inclusion.
  • A way of viewing the challenges of disability in terms of empowerment and consumer control, while embracing use of assistive technology, as well as well-designed and respectfully provided support services.

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Funding Sources

NCCI receives Independent Living Center funding from: NYS Dept. Of Education ACCES-VR, NYS Office for Aging, NYS Medicaid, Concepts of Independence, Western New York Independent Living Center, New York Association on Independent Living, NYS Access To Home Program, Friends of the North Country, plus donations from friends and supporters.